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Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is regularly voted as one of the best safari destinations in Africa and is a year-round safari destination. There is no bad time to travel as each season offers something special with both the dry season and the wet season offering vastly different experiences.During the dry season the skies are clear, the days are sunny and you will see the harsh sun suck the moisture from the landscape, baking the earth a dusty red while the wet season brings dense bush, high grasses and luscious scenery. This is also when the migratory birds are present and bird watching is at its best.



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A natural puzzle from flamingos to volcanoes
Arusha is one of the famous cities in Tanzania named as Geneva of Africa due to the presence of (ACC) Arusha Conference Center, which used by different African countries to discuss different issues. Apart from the city, there are reasons, which makes Arusha to become spectacular in the world.
Arusha manages to compress an amazing diversity into small space. Its environment comprises grazing plains, swamps, lakes, montane forests and volcanoes, all within a distance of only 35 kilometers. The most striking feature is the rugged Mt Meru, the second highest peak in the country.
This diversity of habitats means that the animal life varies from buffalo to giraffes roaming around the patches of the grassland, guereza colobus monkeys deep in the forest and flocks of the flamingoes feeding on the shallow soda lakes.
A trek up to the summit of the breathtaking Mt Meru is not only a challenge but also a marvelous natural experience.

Mt Meru (4566m) is the most striking landmark in the Arusha National Park, although as recently as six thousand year ago an explosion blew the eastern edge of the volcano away. Get in touch with KITASA TOURS home of endless discoveries to get what you have never knew before


Manyara national park

The hidden treasure of the Great Rift Valley.
The more you explore different activities done to the destination, the more you gaining new knowledge, because each destination has diverse spectacular features, also Manyara has its own unique features and activities involved in the park. Get in touch with KITASA TOURS home of endless discoveries to get what you have never knew before.
Manyara is an astonishing oasis in the Great Rift Valley, for although the valley is thousands of kilometers long, it is only here that the high water table fed by countless springs from the escarpment has given rise to a dense tropical vegetation, a forest brought about by a superfluity of ground water. But Manyara is much more besides. Its evergreen forest, its park like savanna dotted with acacias and open plains stretching down to the lake shores, together with the rugged wall the Rift Valley as the backdrop, make Manyara not a microcosm or Tanzania's natural environment. Manyara reaches perfection when all the rich mammalian fauna, featuring elephants, buffaloes, lions and giraffes, is include, not to mention the superb bird life on the shores of the watercourses.

The view that opens up from the top of the Rift Escarpment provides s good impression of the ground water forest of the Manyara National Park. The olive baboons are an outstanding example of the diverse mammalian life to be found in the park.


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Ngorongoro is a pioneering experiment in multiple land use, as the park has multiple purpose of integrating the protection of the local people with that of wild nature, the latter being divided into two separate bio geographical systems, The vast plains in the west and north are definitely a part of the Serengeti ecosystem, whereas the centerpiece of the other part is the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater, one of the natural wonders of the world.
Amazingly, the crater floor is a natural sanctuary for almost all the large mammalian species essential to the East African plains. Its highlights include one of Tanzania's most viable populations of the critically endangered black, or browse rhino, and it is also here that the density of great predators, headed by hyenas and lions, is the highest in the world.
Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a vast conservation area, but its best-known part is the Ngorongoro Crater, a wonderful natural bowl where some of Tanzania's last remaining rhinoceroses still roam. The lilac flowers are Gutenberg cord folia and the yellow ones are bur marigolds (Bidens taitensis or related species). Get in touch with KITASA TOURS home of endless discoveries to get what you have never knew before.


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The last great rotation.
Serengeti is the only remaining natural grazing ecosystem to be found in the world. Also you can spot the big five animals in different habitats in the Serengeti ecosystem. Apart from the Serengeti Plain also there is other attractions like sausage trees, Serengeti balloons, walking safari, all of these makes Serengeti become the most popular and spectacular in the world.
The vast open plains in the heart of the complex stretch away as far as the eye can see and throb with life in an endless annual rhythm that is maintained by a migrating herd of 1.1 million gnu and the best-known population of great predators, lions and spotted hyenas on the frontline to be found on earth. The giant Nile crocodiles are waiting their turn as the big migration enters their areas. The richness of the wild fauna of Serengeti is dazzling, but it is all living in the rhythm of the seasons, with a range of variation that extend the way from exuberance to misery.

Serengeti is known for its huge herds of mammals, but this doesn't mean a ceaseless rumble of wildlife wherever you go on the plains and savannas. This picture is the good example of how rapidly everything may change. There were several days with practically no large mammals visible around the Meru kopjes in the heart of Serengeti National Park, and then suddenly, within only one hour, everywhere was full of migrating zebras and wildebeests. Get in touch with KITASA TOURS home of endless discoveries to get what you have never knew before.


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A meeting of giants
Tanzania has spectacular diverse of attractions in different destinations, which attract tourists worldwide as the result of tourism development in the country due to the large number of clients visiting those particular attractions, this is because they booked allot of tours lead more income that may help to develop infrastructure to the society.
Tarangire provides a wonderful spectacle of a savanna environment and a meeting point for the mightiest components of the African wilderness, right here where savanna is dotted with monumental baobabs and where the most magnificent herds of African elephants to be found in northern Tanzania are roaming. Life is spectacular in the dry season, when the migratory ungulates come back to the permanent waters of the Tarangire River.

During the best period, from August to October, Tarangire is one of the most astonishing strongholds for wildlife on the African continent. The park environment is dominated by savanna woodlands, wetlands and seasonal flood plains and boasts a birdlife of exceptional species diversity.
The herds of zebras and wildebeest form the main bulk of the migrating in the Tarangire ecosystem. During the dry season there is a constant rumble of wildlife at dusk as the herds move from the river valley to the plains. Get in touch with KITASA TOURS home of endless discoveries to get what you have never knew before.

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